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Forget everything you thought you knew about lattice.

Decorative screens for indoor and out.


Where form meets function.

On-trend style with a practical side.


No Truck? No Problem.

Project-sized plywood for DIY.

Project Panels
Scandinavian pegboard


Do-it-yourself is back! And we couldn’t be happier about getting our hands stained and elbow-deep in sawdust with you. That’s why we offer the products and inspiration that build a lifetime of “I made that!” satisfaction. Plus, skills to pass down to the DIYers of tomorrow.

When you're looking for how-tos, our twice-monthly DIY blog peeks into the world of home and décor trends, then offers a complete step-by-step project, complete with downloadable instructions and videos, showing how to get the look without breaking your wallet.

We like to call them trendiy....

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