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Project Panel How-To Project: DIY Frame

We recently looked at all the different ways people are displaying their favorite art, illustrations and photography, so this month we wanted show just how easy it is to make your very own DIY framed wall art.

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Break free of your wall décor rut with DIYable, interchangeable-art frames

Ever wish there were a trendier, classier way to display your kids' artwork – or something you created yourself – rather than sticking it to the fridge with alphabet magnets? What if it were also DIYable and easily interchangeable, allowing you to swap pieces in and out so your look never went stale? There is! Check out these cool ways our fellow DIYers have found to display their favorite art du jour (even if it's sometimes made with macaroni...).

iron wine rack

Project Panel How-to Project: Industrial Wine Rack

For this year's final DIY, we wanted a project that celebrated the last 365 and welcomed the next! And what better way to celebrate than with libations? But how to stylishly offer those in honor of the outgoing year – and store and display them in the incoming year – are matters of great importance. Hence, we bring you an industrial-inspired, pipe fittings wine rack!

new years ideas

DIY Your New Year

When it comes to ringing in the new year with panache, party themes that celebrate the latest trends are always winners. So what's new? And how can you DIY a successful welcome to the next 365 days? Let's look!

diy modern headboard

Project Panel How-to Project: Plywood Headboard

This month we took a look into the bedroom space and saw just how fun and easy it can be to build your own headboard. There are so many different styles, from tufted Victorian to Scandi, we channeled that inspiration and built our own! Using three 2' x 4' DimensionsTM project panels (bonus: they fit in the car!), we painted on a modern geometrical pattern and completed the whole project for around $70! 

plywood headboard

Rest easy with a trendy new DIY headboard

Fall breezed by, it's actually snowing where we are, and we're suddenly feeling the desire to cozy in – which most likely (alright, for sure) means indulging in the fine art of napping. With that motivation as inspiration, we're exploring the best DIY headboard projects out there today...

DIY Modern Clock

Project Panel How-to Project: Zen Clock

We recently spent time talking about how easy and fun it can be to follow the latest DIY clock trends. Clock kits are readily available at most hardware and craft stores, but as always, when we took a look at how clever DIYers are using them, we were delighted and intrigued by the sheer variety. From picnic supplies to concrete, turns out almost anything can be turned into a clock at a very affordable price, with very little time and very simple tools.

diy basket clock

Tick, Tock, Trendy Clocks

As tempting as it is to go for the easy Halloween blog in October, we thought, heck, those skeletons will just get shoved back in the closet in a couple weeks! How about upping your "fall back" game with a trendy, fun, handcrafted clock instead? Just in time to say bye-bye to Daylight Saving Time.

Fall decor sign

Craft Panel How-to Project: Adorable Fall Décor Sign

Two weeks ago we felt the first chill of autumn blow through our windows, inspiring us to look at ways people are preparing to welcome it. We saw all kinds of décor, from mums to Mason jars, so we wanted to make a budget-friendly project (under $25) that would celebrate fall too.

Fall decor ideas

Ready to cool your jets? We've got 10 #trendiy, fresh, fall décor ideas for that!

Sorry to mention it, but summer is fading. The days are getting shorter and the nights are growing cooler. But this time of year also never fails to inspire and invigorate our creativity. So while fall may mean flannels and football, for us DIYers, it's about the excitement of new seasonal décor too!

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