Industrial Pipes-and-Fittings Décor

Posted 12/04/2018 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

From urban contemporary interiors to reclaimed retro, industrial-inspired décor is popping up all over, adding warmth and nostalgia wherever it goes. And as the Victorians would have put it, we’re tickled pink!

Our favorite pieces are those made with classic pipes and fittings, throwing off a bygone, steampunk charm and creating the ultimate focal point in any room.

If you’ve recently priced industrial décor however, you’ve discovered that it can range in price from moderately expensive for a simple piece — like an Edna Faye towel bar with wood shelf for almost $100 on Houzz — to quite costly for a substantial piece — like Moes Marino’s solid pine and iron shelf unit at Bed Bath & Beyond for $3,245.

Fantastic news! You can DIY this look for less! With a few basic tools, just about any décor you dream up can be created using the basic pipes and fittings found at your local hardware store or online.

With so many choices, where to begin? Start your adventure by exploring industrial-inspired elements and discover what appeals to you most. Then look for our DIY, industrial-design how-to project later this month! 

To kick off your foray into this look, here are some of our favorite pieces.

  • We love how this sofa table makes a big statement while pulling double duty as a bar with extra seating. The wooden top is cleverly outfitted to help prevent spills over the back edge, but also works to draw the eye downward to the not-to-be-missed industrial elements below.

Via HupeHome - Bar tables, home entertaining,
wooden bar, table furniture design


  • These attention-grabbing shelves offer a fun alternative to run-of-the-mill kitchen cupboards. Display your favorite tchotchkes or show off an interesting dishware collection.

Via BoredArt, 2015/11 - Mechanical plumbing pipe furniture ideas


  • Proving that industrial design is right at home in any room of the house, this unit adds so much personality to your bathroom, it puts boring towel bars and shelves to shame.

Via Etsy listing 209723658 - Reclaimed barnwood bathroom shelves


  • Need extra-strong shelves for heavy books, bottles or collectibles? Well, these babies aren’t going anywhere, ensuring the safety of all your cool stuff. While its design is eye-catching, we love how it’s also minimalist — accentuating the things you really want to highlight.

Via Homemade Modern - Ep47: Pipe Shelves -
45 Bookshelves that Work - 45 DIY Bookshelves - Home project ideas that work - Wood and pipe bookcase


  • The industrial influence doesn’t stop at furniture and shelves though, as proven by these light fixtures that create an intriguing juxtaposition in this otherwise very contemporary space.

Via Trendir - Plumbing pipes furniture designs


  • The four-legged loves of your life deserve to drink up the charm of industrial design too. Whether they stand small or tall, build the perfect food and water station for your furry friend.

Via Trendir - Plumbing pipes furniture designs


  • These industrial-inspired coat hooks welcome everyone home, whether they actually live there or not. Make friends feel like family when they hang their hats on these hooks.

Via lilikoijoy


  • Wine gets slapped with all kinds of artistic, fun and creative labels these days. So before you enjoy it in your glass, enjoy its eye-catching aesthetic when displayed in a fantastic industrial-style wine rack.

Via DoItYourselfList - 22 DIY wine rack ideas


  • Pipe flanges — a quintessential element in many industrial pieces — are what give this side table an extra dose of charm. However, if you create a piece with flange feet for an area with a finished floor, buy furniture sliders or cut small rounds of felt to protect your floor from dents and scratches.

Via TheGoldenSycamore, 2013/03 - DIY Industrial side table: A Tutorial


  • Some of the most provocative industrial pieces are those that burst straight out of the wall, demanding the room’s attention and admiration.

Via Design, Dining and Diapers via HelloYellow blog, 2015/08 -
Industrial pipe shelf


  • Our very favorite thing about décor made from pipes and fittings is the infinite number of ways it can be configured. A tinkerer’s dream, design virtually any shape for any space or purpose, like this fascinating, Escher-esque bookshelf.

Dornob via Meccinteriors - Designbites: Plumbing Pipe Furniture


  • When installed using the appropriate wall anchors and mounting screws, these industrial shelves take a strong stand on safety in kids’ rooms. Ask a professional which anchors and screws are right for your wall material and install according to instructions, then have an adult give the unit a thorough strength and security test before leaving children unattended.

Via HelloYellow blog, 2015/08 - Industrial pipe shelf


  • Sometimes one simple, stylish piece can set the tone for a whole room. This little classic could be used as an end table, nightstand, footrest, stool or plant stand.

Via ThePipeMarket


  • In our humble opinion, we saved the best for last. Bar carts are big, big, BIG right now, and this one’s pipes, fittings, flanges and caster wheels won us over, serving up a tall thirst for good times with friends.

Via MCelano - Industrial Bar Cart, Imgur/a/2ZMz4


Think you couldn’t make a bar cart like this yourself? Think again! We’ll show you how to DIY your own Industrial-Inspired Bar Cart in our next companion how-to post. Yep, step-by-step.

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Until then, happying DIYing!