11 Reclaimed Pallet Board Projects You’ll Fall Hard For

Posted 06/21/2018 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

Gone are the days when we used pallet wood for bonfires because no one imagined it could serve a purpose beyond shipping and receiving. Now, what once was discarded as scrap is a highly sought-after material, resourcefully repurposed to add warm, rustic charm to living spaces.

Our favorite pieces are those that don’t mask the natural aesthetic of the boards. In fact, embracing the imperfect look of the wood’s rough-sawn appearance is exactly what makes it stand out, creating a focal point in any room. Leave it as is for an all-natural farmhouse look or add stain to highlight the beauty of the woodgrain.

Wondering how to simply and easily follow the reclaimed pallet board trend this year? Let’s take a look:

  • Combine pallet boards with Mason jars for a lighting piece that adds a vintage farmhouse feel. Attach the lids to a light bulb cord and choose Edison bulbs to create a firefly-in-a-jar effect. If you’d like, weave the cord through a section of chain. Either way, if you’re looking for summer, this simple project captures it in a jar. 

pallet board and mason jar lighting sconces

  • Again, with simple, easy-to-access materials, this reclaimed pallet board cooler with a drain spout will stand out at any outdoor party or summer barbecue. Pair it with a rustic bottle opener and you’ve got the backyard drinks covered.

Pallet board cooler with spigot Bottle opener attached to a pallet board wall

  • Pallet wood is such a versatile medium, you can create almost anything you can imagine. Try adding it to classic wall games and man-cave spaces where it delivers both function and aesthetic appeal. Used behind a dartboard, if anyone misses (and they will), your drywall is safe.

pallet dart board

  • Combine wood with metal to create an industrial statement piece. Use natural reclaimed pallet wood to construct a simple bracket with clean lines that'll set this minimalist fixture apart from other lighting options. Not to mention, it’s one of the easier, more DIY-friendly project ideas we love.

test image

  • Have kids? Or are you a kid at heart? Reclaimed pallet boards offer sporting equipment an old-timey look that makes you feel as if you pulled this straight out of your grandparents’ attic. So amp up the fun with a bit of whimsy, inside or out.

pallet basketball hoop

  • Mason jars attached to pallet wood using inexpensive hose-clamps create additional storage as well as a throw-back feel we can't get enough of. And don’t forget the fun labels. Besides, nobody wants to confuse their salt with their sugar, right?

pallet board kitchen ingredients holder

  • Green thumb? Easily accessible herbs add freshness to any meal — be it homemade or take-out. And, as an added bonus, this reclaimed pallet board and Mason jar herb garden pulls double-duty bringing a natural touch of greenery to your kitchen or patio.

pallet board holding herbs

  • A coffee mug rack is a great use for rustic pallet wood. Simply add hooks and your mugs will hang perfectly, ensuring your morning coffee is always within arm’s reach. Just make sure to head off a catastrophe by choosing hooks that are both wide enough and curved enough to accommodate the shape of your favorite mug handle. We don’t want that tragedy on us!

pallet coffee cup holder

  • Looking to up your home’s curb appeal? Planter boxes are another fantastic use for reclaimed pallet boards. Again, they offer that rustic charm we're smitten with. Leave the wood natural or rub in a stain that matches the color of your siding. Either way, you’ll enjoy the results of this super DIY-friendly project all season long.

Outdoor planter made from reclaimed planter boards

  • Of all the intriguing projects to try, our favorite has to be the clean, horizontal lines of this great-looking address plate. Set your house apart from the neighbors’ by coupling reclaimed pallet boards with understated numbers in a san serif font and you’ll have an eye-catching front door display in no time at all.

Pallet address sign

 Want to make this address plate yourself?  Check out our Reclaimed Pallet Board Address Plate How-to Project in our next post – just two weeks away!

Until then, keep on keeping on, DIYers.

Looking for voc- and heavy metal-free pallet boards? We suggest using Dimensions Reclaimed Pallet Boards available on Amazon. which are sustainably sourced, tested and vetted for safety.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A word of caution when working with repurposed pallet wood: Not all pallet boards are as safe as you want them to be. We recommend using only boards that come from a reliable, trusted source. DimensionsTM Reclaimed Pallet Boards are domestically sourced, thoroughly tested and carefully selected for only the safest, VOC- and heavy metal-free boards.