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Posted 11/30/2018 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

When we think and search for trends, we often find materials cleverly taken out of context and applied in fresh and creative ways. Things like pallet boards used for accent walls instead of shipping and receiving. Lattice used for storage solutions instead of outdoor living. In each of these examples, something is used in an unorthodox way and becomes the next big thing.

So here we are, staring at plywood in the aisle of our hardware store. To most, this material is used as sub-flooring or roofing material. But what if we could turn it into something different?

FURNITURE. It's normally quite expensive to buy, so let’s see how people are using normal everyday plywood to DIY their own stylish pieces. Hopefully in ways you haven't thought of before. Get inspired!

plywood and pegboard credenza Via Canalive - plywood and pegboard storage


  • We absolutely love this retro throwback. Looks like something Grandma stored her record albums in. On a DIY note however, see those cylindrical legs? If you're not a fan, there are a variety of options you could swap in, like hairpin legs, modern tapered or wood block.

plywood couchVia MocoLoco - The Chair by Pierre Thibault

plywood benchVia fall for diy  Easy DIY wooden studio sofa


  • Plywood is also perfect for seating. Check out these great couches/benches. With a few angled cuts, you can make a modern or even rustic Scandi-looking piece. (Not pictured are cushions, easily available online. We just didn't want you thinking we lived like cavemen.)

plywood coffee tableVia Lilangels Furniture  Plywood coffee table

plywood coffee table with inlayVia IG lycan_design – mid century modern coffee table


plywood kitchen tableVia Boxy Colonial diy modern birch table


  • Nice legs! Plus, we've been seeing lots of whole-sheet 4x8 plywood used as tabletops. Perfect example here. What a great looking, trendy, affordable table.

Via Architecture Art Design  Secret compartment table


  • Woah. The amount of detail and craftsmanship in this coffee table stopped us in our tracks. We would't suggest your average DIYer tackle this project, but we're definitely taking note of its clever storage options.

plywood cabinetVia reddit/r/woodworking  –
plywood cabinet

plywood deskVia ScandinavianDeko - Plywood desk 


  • We’re in love with all the ways a basic plywood box can become a multi-purpose starting point. Use it for everything from an industrial, utilitarian piece to a desk, shelf, bookcase, side table, nightstand and more. So flipping cool.

plywood stoolVia Stefano Pugliese - Birch plywood table and stools 


  • More single sheet plywood builds! We really dig these little black-topped tables with contrasting natural wood. But what's really cool is how these were built from a single sheet of plywood. How neat is that?

All this inspiration has our heads spinning, so we're gonna sit back, figure out the elements we like best and come up with a project.

  1. Boxes. We like the basic box shape.
  2. Storage. Although we like simplicity, the storage offered by a box-shaped project is worth the effort.
  3. Style. We love hairpin legs. Let's go with those.

plywood coffee table Via Cargo Collective - the coffee table tiger


Want a stylish coffee table similar to the one above for under $100? We’ll show you how to DIY your own in our next how-to post. That's right pals, step-by-step, as always.
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Until then, happying DIYing!