Garage Storage How-To Project: Rake Rack

Posted 10/19/2018 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

In our last post, we showed you some of the best DIY garage storage ideas guaranteed to manage whatever organizational challenges you face, from tripping over things you use daily to getting others up and out of your way if you only use them occasionally.

But we also mentioned our love of lattice and how its great looks and versatility inspired us to take on a lattice how-to challenge this month — a storage hack that tackles that collection of awkward, long-handled yard tools.

Dimensions DIY Garage Storage How-To Project: Rake Rack

Get a handle on your long-handled tools. You’ll be amazed how much more convenient they are at eye level and within arm’s reach.

With this DIY rake rack, they’ll be grab-and-go ready for a quick sweep of your walk or a whole day of raking up winter’s dead grass.

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