DIY Garage Storage Inspiration

Posted 10/01/2018 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

Garage storage may not be the blogosphere’s sexiest topic, but it’s one of those seemingly big to-dos that — once reluctantly tackled — makes a world of difference to your everyday life:

  • Less tripping over items in your way
  • Less time spent rummaging for that one thing you know you have somewhere
  • Less anxiety-causing clutter you wish had a home

Since there’s no time like the present, before fall turns to winter and all your summer outdoor projects and recreational activities wind down, get a handle on your garage. Then prepare to be astounded by what a difference a little organization can make for maneuvering through the next two seasons.

What’s the main ingredient in most garage storage projects? Plywood. Here are a few of our favorite clever, space-saving hacks for built-in organization using this convenient, affordable, easy-to-find, DIY godsend:

  • Do more than just find your tools — make sure they're charged and ready to go:

Via SuperBank Wood


  • Put seasonal or infrequently used items overhead:

Via Listotic Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas

Via Jay's Custom Creations


  • But keep the things you use often in easy reach:

Via The Family Handyman

Via DecoCool - DIY deco 7 astuces rangement

Via Ana White, 2016/01 – Free plans:
Easy-and-fast DIY garage tote storage


  • Serious builders need this fantastic, swing-out plywood sheet sleeve made from … yup … plywood:

Via PopularWoodworking - Projects: Swing-out plywood storage


  • Use this ingenious lattice hack for long, thin, hard-to-store items:

Via FamilyHandyman - Garage storage DIY tips and hints


Lattice is also really handy when the things you want on-hand change with the seasons, your current project or your latest hobby. Simply move your S-hooks or clips around whenever needed to accommodate new or different items.

  • Organize the things you need at your fingertips, then reorganize as often as you want:

Via ShedPlansAndTips Info – A shed is this a man’s castle

Via CountryLivingEd


  • Leverage the great look of lattice for storing other important things in your garage too:

Via Aaron Berd of eWine, 2012/07/10


You may have picked up that we’re pretty big fans of lattice's good looks and versatility. So we wanted to see just how simple it would be to DIY a useful and attractive lattice storage solution of our own. 

We started by asking ourselves: What's our biggest organizational challenge in the garage? Answer: Hands down, long-handled tools. They’re top heavy (or is it bottom heavy?), hard to take down, hard to put up, potentially dangerous when stored high, a constant tripping hazard when stored low, and just ... well ... awkward.

And so, we proudly present to you, our creation! Fondly namedThe Rake Rack, just because it’s fun to say:


Like it too? We’ll show you how to DIY your own in our next how-to post. Yep, step-by-step.
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Until then, happying DIYing!