Summer = Family, friends and outdoor games!

Posted 08/09/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

Summertime is still going strong, which means there's still plenty of time left to enjoy outdoor gatherings with family and friends. And that means it's still the perfect time for yard games.

Outdoor lawn games are our fave, from horseshoes to Cornhole (aka bags in many regions of the US) and classics to newcomers, on gorgeous evenings, we play til the sun goes down. But you'll never hear us hating on indoor games either! (We're looking at you beer pong and darts....) But since we've played just about everything under the sun – literally – let's take a look at the best of the bunch.

cornhole Via a wonderful thought - diy cornhole boards

  • Cornhole - The reining champion of outdoor games. Is there anything more enjoyable than a cold drink in one hand and a perfectly weighted bean bag in the other? It's not even hard to build your own set. Whether you customize with paint, stain, decorate with decals of your favorite college team or decoupage on pictures of your dog, we bow down to yard game royalty. Long live the king.

golf hole       Via addicted 2 diy - chippo golf game

  • Chippo - For those of you ready for a challenge that surpasses Cornhole, meet Chippo! However, fair warning: Even if you're decent with a golf club, after about two hours, some have been known to just give up.... In other words, fun, but incredibly difficult.

horseshoes         Via lehman lane - diy horseshoe pit

  • Horseshoes - Your grandpa's backyard game. Horseshoes is a classic, just not very portable. But a great game nonetheless. RINGER!

ring hooky       Via h2bungalow - hook and ring game

  • Ring Hooky - Often found in hole-in-the-wall bars, this might be the cheapest game to make. A ring, a string and a hook is all you need to create one of the more engaging and challenging games to play on a deck or anywhere you've got an outdoor upright. And once you find the sweet spot in the arc of your swing, it becomes much easier.

Ladder Ball    Via twin dragonfly designs - diy ladder golf game

  • Ladder Golf / Ladder Ball - Or as we call it, Polish horseshoes. Usually made from PVC connecters, pipes and old golf balls, this is another staple at tailgates and campgrounds. This one's DIYed entirely from wood though! Really cool!

Kubb             Via let's get together - diy koob

  • Kubb - We've never played Kubb, but we've heard good things, and it supposedly has roots dating back to the Vikings, so it's got longevity to recommend it. From what we understand, it's a lot about hurling certain pieces of wood at other pieces of wood, but you can get all the dets here: How to play Kubb. What we are certain of is that this is 100% a game made for backyard summer fun.

crokinole                 Via etsy- crokinole board

  • Crokinole - Having played this with some Canadians last year, it's kind of like shuffleboard and curling had a baby. The object of this indoor/outdoor, two-to-four player game is to get as many discs into the center hole as possible, and it's truly a joy to play! A bit challenging to find at an affordable price, but we did discover a few on Etsy.

beerspee             Via greatlakeslocals - beersbee

  • Beersbee - Our personal favorite on the list, the object is to knock the bottle or can off the pole with a frisbee, but you can only use one hand, and the other must be holding a favorite beverage. (Pro-tip, play with cans. Glass breaks.)

ring toss          Via amusing mj - diy washer game

  • Washers - Another classic dad-game, it was first played using "old coffee cans and washers that were layin' around," so this might be the easiest to DIY yourself.

Sauce King Game             Via hockeyshot - sauce toss kit

  • Sauce Toss - We've played. We're no good. Our take-away on this one is that you have to have played a fair amount of hockey or maybe lacrosse to be even begin to be competitive. The object is to launch pucks into the nets set opposite each other. The smaller net is worth 3 points and the larger is worth 1 point. We're sure with enough practice, it'd be a highly addicting game. 

yard jenga       Via my kitchen my craft - yard jenga

  • Yard Jenga - Pretty simple concept, right? Rip a 2x4 in half, cut to smaller same-length pieces, sand well (especially the edges), and you're good to go. Some people also apply finishing wax to their blocks so they slide easier. Lots of work, but hours of fun!

dartboard case      Via home esthetics - diy dartboard case

  • Darts - Invented in 1860, there's just something about 'em. In a basement, at the far end of a dark bar, or in your own backyard hanging from the side of your garage or shed, darts is a classic year-round game.

So we admit it: We grew a little obsessed with this bada$$ dartboard in it's super-cool, shabby chic cabinet. Plus, we love that you can play darts anywhere, in any season. That's why we're putting some Dimensions Charred Project Boards to good use and DIYing one of these for next time! Come see how easy it can be – and all for under $80 (including the board and darts!).

As always, stick with us and we'll show you how to achieve the looks you love for less.
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See you in two weeks, DIYers!