DIY Your New Year

Posted 12/05/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

When it comes to ringing in the new year with panache, party themes that celebrate the latest trends are always winners. So what's new? And how can you DIY a successful welcome to the next 365 days? Let's look!

                                                                        Via designsbystudioc - copper pipe bar cart

  • Remember when we built a bar cart out of pipes and fittings last December? Same idea, different execution. This cart is made from copper tubes – which are (happily) more readily available than you would think! This is due to the rise in the use of alternative materials such as PEX for actual plumbing — leaving copper available for fabulous new uses in DIY home décor.

                                          Via etsy - gatsby chalkboard sign

  • A Roaring 20s New Year's Eve featuring a chalkboard sign like this would be the ideal way to welcome party guests. All it takes is a DimensionsTM chalkboard panel, an Art Deco font, a little metallic paint and as much bling as you can manage. Your speakeasy will be full-tilt by midnight! Pro tip: Shop for your chalkboard here and here

                            Via - modern plywood wine rack

  • Though not strictly for New Year, this simple panel project would easily hold your party's champagne until it's ready to POP. Go with the clean, modern, plywood look or finish yours with paint or stain to complement any décor, year-round.

          Via gravetics - mason jar new years table settings

  • Does it feel like it's becoming an official thing that all our trend posts now features a Mason jar project? Ok, good. Then it's not just us.... Anyway, we think these New Year's Eve decorations are adorable. And apparently, since Mason jars are the Swiss Army Knives of décor, we suggest buying a few cases, as they work for everything from lighting to planters – and even actual canning.

                       Via from house to house - great gatsby party sign

  • DIY Chalkboard Party Sign #2. So cute! And again, we like the nod to Art Deco styling that lends itself so nicely to a Roaring 20s party theme. 

                                 Via etsy - wall mounted liquor dispenser

  • Drink spigot! This is a really fun and a neat way for your guests to mix their drinks. If you price this out, it's not only inexpensive to build, it's fairly simple as well. Super cool!

                                    Via jimiamy - cast iron pipe wine rack

  • Trendy, functional and New Years-related, we really dig this cast iron and wood combo. And the bonus? It matches our bar cart from last year! So we're gonna build it, showing how to use simple hand tools to achieve this look in no time.

See you in two weeks when we'll deliver these step-by-step project plans just in time for your New Year's Party!

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Until then, happy DIYing!