The Bo-home

Posted 02/01/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

If you've spent any time looking for décor inspiration lately, there's a good chance you've felt the boho vibe creeping into today's freshest designs. So what makes a look bohemian, and why should you care? Let's find out.

For starters, it's an aesthetic that's full of free-spirited wanderlust. It's like a hippie and a new-ager had a baby. It's materials and patterns inspired by the less-than-traditional lifestyle of travelers, actors, writers and dreamers. Need a few pictures? Let's look at several and find the main themes and characteristics that give a space that boho vibe:

  • Natural materials like rattan, burlap, jute and sisal
  • Warm colors including metallics and jewel tones
  • Artistic representations of flora and fauna
  • Mixed patterns and textures put together in unconventional ways
  • Fringe, crochet, pom pons, macramé and the like
  • Vintage, shabby chic or second-hand furniture that tells a story 
  • Unique plants, cacti and succulents
  • Family heirlooms, tapestries, vintage collections and items from your travels

With that introduction to the bo-home basics, let's dive into some examples that show how to achieve it, and in the process, hope to stumble over our next DIY project idea....

  • This bedroom just screams boho. The fringed macramé wall hanging, the sisal rug, the rattan light fixtures, pom pons accenting the bed throw, the warm, neutral color scheme, the no-frame bed.... All major boho characteristics. 

boho bedroom                                         Via stylecaster - Boho bedroom


  • You probably won't see traditional planters in bo-homes, but you'll find plenty of plants, probably hanging from macramé or jute or planted in rattan or sisal containers, as seen here.   

boho planter                                   Via thefuturekept - Woven Sisal Planters


  • We love DIY, but there are just some things we might not be able to accomplish. Like this natural fiber chair. It gives off all the right boho vibes and probably has a story to tell. And if not, make one!

boho chair                                                                       Via Ikea - Jassa collection


  • Here, a narrow, shabby-chic accent table displays a mish-mash of items from nature, textures, colorful fabrics and patterns you'd typically not think to mix – yet they work together to create the very essence of boho.

Boho style                                                    Via-  sfgirlbybay

  • Any sort of tapestry throws off a major boho vibe, but this one particularly lends itself to the trend. Note the hand-drawn flora and fauna, a theme commonly encountered in the bo-home.

Boho tapestry                                           Via urban outfitters - desert tapestry 


  • Along with imagery of flora and fauna, you'll also see plenty of Southwestern-inspired accents as well. In particular, arrows and/or feathers, as seen here. 

boho arrow feather                                                                            Via etsy - boho style


  • A few things to note about this boho kitchen: Open shelving, mismatched seating and a natural, Southwestern-patterned rug that adds a healthy dose of warmth to an otherwise fairly "hard" space.

boho kitchen                                        Via cocokelley - boho kitchen 


  • We bet you're way ahead of us in identifying the boho themes here: Rattan and sisal, fauna-inspired art, interesting plants and accents collected from nature.

boho deer                                     Via bohemian lifestyles - boho room wall


  • Boho light fixtures can feature anything from crystals hanging from a natural-fiber wreath to any eclectic collection of elements your imagination conceives. The general idea, however, is to have not-to-be-found-anywhere-else lighting as unique as you.

boho chandelier                                     Via etsy - mobile crystal light


  • In the bo-home, you won't have loud colors yelling out at you. Rather, you'll find softer colors and earth tones, as seen here amongst the rattan, macramé, jute, plants, and dried flowers hanging from the rough-hewn ladder overhead, while the same elements are successfully mirrored at floor level below.

boho hanging plants                                                     Via joliplace - boho spaces


  • Lastly, these simple hanging shelves made from plywood and rope hold a one-of-a-kind collection that expresses the homeowner's personality – another very important aspect of the bo-home. It's all about you!

boho rope shelves                                                                          Via etsy - hanging shelves


We ended up kinda falling in love with these shelves, so we're going to DIY our own set using Dimensions Reclaimed Pallet Boards, and prove once again that you don't have to break the bank to follow the trends you love. So stay tuned! In two weeks we'll show you how you can do it too!

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Until then, happy DIYing!