Lauan Underlayment How-To Project: Wood Art

Posted 01/17/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

In our last trend blog, we looked at gorgeous wooden décor. We saw geometric patterns, nature-inspired animals, lots of the Southwestern vibe, raw cut logs, even some retro 8-bit pixel art. And there are so many ways to express your particular style – whatever that is – using even the least expensive wooden panels.

We really love the geometry of nature itself. Using clean, straight lines and color contrast that pops, we devised an inexpensive project that employs an under-appreciated, under-utilized piece of lauan underlayment. Its affordable quality holds stain like a much more expensive panel, and we're just sure it's going to win you over.

This piece of wood art will set any room apart. The clean lines and black and white contrasts create a focal point you'll be proud you created yourself when you bask in the glow of all the compliments....



applying stain to underlayment glueing underlayment down

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wood art decor

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