Wooden Home Décor is Always On-trend

Posted 01/04/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

From floors to furniture and wall accents to centerpieces, when wooden décor weaves its way effortlessly through a home, we just can't get enough. Wood adds natural warmth to our spaces with an infinite variety of hues and grain patterns that can be mixed and matched with reckless abandon. But what we've really fallen for is that glowy, cozy feeling it brings wherever it goes.

You might notice, however, that all this natural beauty can be pricey. Take West Elm's gorgeous selection of wood art and you'll find most pieces are $100+. But don't fret. As always, we're here to show you how to get the same look for a fraction of the cost.

The great news is that you've got two hands and can make your own wooden décor with nothing more than a few tools and some spare time. And because "wooden décor" is actually as open-ended as it sounds, let's take a look at some trending pieces to discover what turns the lights on in your wheelhouse.

  • This geometric fox brings clean lines, a pop of color and that natural-world vibe all in one. And it was made from simple plywood shapes by a DIYer just like you! 

geometric wood fox artVia imgur - Geometric Fox wall art


  • Take note: Southwest/Aztec design is making a comeback, and here we see elements that work together to make the look work beautifully. The contrasting color of the turquoise panels and the raised wood at the center give this piece added dimension and depth we love.   

southwest wood artVia Etsy - Southwest wooden wall piece


  • Whoa. Check out these log slices fixed to this wall very Nordic chic. This feels uber fall/winter and adds loads of drama and interest when set against such a simple white backdrop.

wood log wall artVia - my wall of life


  • Staying with the live logs, we love this single slice with text. It's completely customizable, so use it to display your favorite quote or graphic. All you need is transfer paper and a wood burner and you're good to go.

wood log decorVia - addicted 2 DIY


  • Although this log is more of a centerpiece, again we find natural-world elements mixed with color as its theme. Here, a colored epoxy is used to fill the natural gaps in the log, resulting in a simple yet captivating piece of décor.

wood epoxyVia - mycrafts.com


  • Got scrap wood lying around? Then check out this piece of art you could make! We think the contrasting colors at one end mixed with the subtle changes at the other end are a showstopper. 

creative wood wall artVia the therivermonks.com


  • Our inner nerd is so geeking out! Never would we have imagined using end grains to create pixel art like this retro-inspired stroke of brilliance!

mega man pixel wood artVia 8bitwood - Mega Man


  • End grains can be used in less nerdy ways too. As we've pointed out several times, contrasting hues create striking results. Forming almost a natural checkerboard, this piece is a great focal point. 

Geometric Acoustic Wall                                       Via - abeautifulmess.com


  • Geometric? Check. Wooden? Check. Super cool? Check. Yep, these shelves tick every (shadow)box for us. And the double bonus? They're deep and wide enough to showcase your favorite small houseplants.

wood triangle shelfVia themerrythought.com


  • Here's an interesting trend we've spotted recently at art fairs. When electricity is run through wood, it creates these amazing burn patterns reminiscent of roots. This is fairly new so we'll definitely be keeping our eyes on the direction this trend takes down the road. And unless you're an electrician, maybe not so much with the high voltage DIY pieces....

electric wood artVia Youtube - High voltage wood erosion


  • Ok, for a DIY project, this may be stretching the limits of our abilities a smidge, but creating this modern city map out of wood is really neat. Now if we could just get our hands on a laser cutter....

Wooden City MapWooden Map Via thecitywood.com


  • This piece sort of combines all the elements we've seen repeatedly in the previous wood décor pieces. It has a natural-world theme, contrasting colors and geometric shapes that put out a vibe we love. Soooo, we just have to make it!

lauan wood artVia DIYhuntress - Mountain wood art


We can't stand it. We just have to recreate this mountain range wood art. Stayed tuned for our first DIY of the new year just two weeks away, and we'll show you how to DIY your own wooden wall art décor. As always, step-by-step.

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See you in two weeks with another DIY project you're sure to love as much as we do!