Living Walls have Moss Appeal

Posted 07/02/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

From fresh flowers to humble house plants, folks have been bringing live greenery into their homes forever. So while the plant du jour (we're looking at you, Fiddle-Leaf Fig...) trends this way and that, the desire to let beautiful and interesting foliage breathe fresh air into our living spaces endures.

Today, however, we're diggin' the next new thing in live décor. Move over, quirky succulents, because moss is the newest, boldest, brightest, most beautiful greenery gaining ground – and wall space. That's right. The living wall trend has seriously started to grow on us.

How easy is it to DIY a piece of live wall art? So much easier than you'd think! Most of these projects are made from just three simple and affordable ingredients: A surface, hot glue and moss.

Moss wall         Via Apartment Therapy - Moss numbers

Easy, right? Which is why we love it! Let's keep looking.


Moss wall                Via Etsy - Starburst moss wall art

  • Add tons of interest by forgoing the simple solid block of green, and instead create a pattern combining variegated shades of moss with other natural elements, like this wood in a variety of finishes.

Moss wall          Via A Beautiful Mess - Faux living wall

  • Some can't stop with just one or two small pieces, however. They cover entire walls! If you just can't get enough green, this is definitely one way to make a statement.


Moss wall              Via Etsy -Shadow box frame moss art

  • We love the simplicity of this super-clean display. It's understated, elegant and an inexpensive way to jump aboard the living wall trend using readily available, affordable shadow boxes you can finish (or not) to match any décor. 


ceiling moss           Via Garden Therapy - Creative moss art

  • Some would argue that statement ceilings are the new accent walls. But if you have exposed ductwork to camouflage, you won't find a prettier or more natural disguise than live plants.


Moss wall                   Via Etsy - Green moss wall clock

  • We've learned by now that if something is trending, someone will turn it into a clock. With clock kits for sale at most major home centers, craft stores and hardwares, this is a fun, relatively simple and inexpensive project – especially great for display in a protected outdoor area!


Moss wall                   Via Vita Verde - Moss wall art

  • Go big or go home. Or in this case, grow big for your home. Don't be afraid to add big drama with a large living-wall piece. Plus, we're really digging these straight lines with its minimalist zen vibe. 


Moss wall               Via Etsy - Reindeer moss tooth art

  • Who says even your dentist can't be on-trend? Trends should always be fun and easy enough to adapt to anywhere, from homes to businesses. 


Moss wall                                                             Via Apartment Therapy - Garden ideas

  • Ever dreamed of luxuriating beneath a jungle waterfall? Make it so! Outfit a mounted steel grid with potted plants and create your very own tropical paradise. And the more you shower, the less you'll water!


Moss wall                 Via Etsy - Chevron pattern moss art

  • Two! Two! Two trends in one! Create a chevron moss pattern, or look for inspiration in any other geometric patterns that speak to you. We've found plenty in the geometric patterns of the Scandinavian design trend and discovered just how perfectly living walls blend with its design motifs.

Moss wall               Via Hunker -diy moss shower mat

  • This piece isn't on a wall, but it's too interesting not to share: A moss shower mat so charming it could be straight out of Bilbo Baggins' bathroom. Not sure how well it would hold up to actual use, but it's definitely a cute way to add a fun and fresh accent to your lav.

Via The Crafty Gentlemen - diy vertical succulent garden

  • Upcycling materials in the house to make trendy projects is one of the most rewarding ways to DIY. Here, an old frame was transformed into an adorable succulent wall-garden. Reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle, and you'll always be #trendiy.


Moss wall       Via Homedit - Nature materials for interiors

  • We told you moss is the newest, boldest, brightest, most beautiful greenery gaining ground – er, wall space – these days! Large-scale or small, there's no denying moss's eye-catching impact wherever it's used in daring and imaginative ways.

Our favorite summer projects are fun, impossible to screw up, and give us more time outside with family and friends. So if you feel a moss-covered living wall piece creeping onto your must-make list, hang tight, we've got you covered. In two weeks we'll show YOU how to make a #trendiy moss project in no time, with few materials and very little expense. 

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Go green with us in two weeks! See you then!