Slatted Wood How-To Project: Such a Cute Bench!

Posted 03/22/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

This month, we looked at the slat wood design trend and its many stylistic uses both inside and outside the home. It's a look that can be achieved in nearly every space – from accent walls and ceilings to fencing, dividing walls and siding. In fact, just about anything you can dream up can be brought together using wooden slats. So why not furniture? And as an added bonus, this DIY is entirely fastener-free. Not a screw is sight. 

Although this DIY is a little more involved than our typical projects, we thought it'd be a really fun way to jump into this décor trend. And it's truly nothing more than cutting down easy-to-handle project panels into 3" strips and gluing them together. Certainly though, tools matter for this one. Specifically, a table saw or circular saw. But with either of those, you'll make quick work of this project for sure! Check out our video below to see how easy and quick this process actually was.

This charming and unique bench will bring a clean, light look to your entryway, the foot of your bed, or anyplace you need extra seating. So let us know what you think!


wood slat bench

wood slat bench

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wood slat bench

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