Slatted Wood Décor

Posted 03/08/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

What design element can deliver clean, modern lines, a retro or contemporary feel, a fascinating play of light and shadow, air flow and water drainage, and the potential for organizational applications, all while creating visual focal points with the ability to land comfortably on the décor spectrum anywhere from laid-back to stunning? Slats.

Slats incorporated into walls, ceilings, furniture designs, room dividers, storage solutions, exteriors…. Seriously, is there anything they can’t do?! Possibly, but let's take a look at and admire what they can.

  • The most widely seen use of wood slatting is on accent walls. Here, it's warm, natural and clean, offering straight lines for days, friends ... for days.

wood slat wall                         Via youtube -built it home 

  • This might be the most visually stunning example of wood slat design we ran across. The use of vertical wood slats as an exterior cladding, combined with strategic lighting, makes this ice cream shop pop out from its surroundings in both the daytime and dark.    

slatted building exterior                Via Contemporist - Lucciano's ice cream cafe

  • We all appreciate a good public bench, but in an outdoor environment, this one provides both water drainage and airflow for a drier seat in a shorter time after a rain. An overlooked puddle won't force a wardrobe change in the middle of a park date with this design.

slatted bench            Via mod made - contemporary mid century bench

  • Slatting can also be used to separate spaces. Outside, add your favorite greenery, and simply, quickly and affordably, you've got an upgraded outdoor living area. Swap those flowers out for herbs and you'll have an upgraded marinade for whatever you're throwing on the grill too, making this slat wall a piece with both form and function. 

slatted wood plant holder                 Via taryn whiteaker - diy garden slat wall

  • Don't have a suitable wall to accent? Not a problem. Wood slats look equally great on ceilings. Never mind that this looks like hours of backbreaking work. We still think it'd be worth it. 

slatted wood ceiling                     Via home talk - basement make over

  • You'll see wood slatting in tons of Scandi spaces (you should really check out our blog about those), and here it's the backdrop for this wood stove, complete with dowel pegs for hanging your gear. Another aesthetically pleasing way to make a living space more functional.

slatted wood fireplace                           Via HGTV - fixer upper

  • These very retro-looking lawn chairs get a new lease on life with the use of freshly replaced slats. Upcycled and revitalized, it's such a clean look, you could almost use these at your kitchen table. So what if your friends look at you like you're weird. Get used to it if you plan to stick with us....

slatted lawn chairs                               via ebay - redwood lawn chairs

  • We find this use of wooden slats for dividing two spaces much more appealing than traditional fence panels. The slats still create privacy but with a contemporary look. Modern fencing really needs to be a thing.

landscape slatted wood                           Via imgur - diy fence replacement 

  • Even dogs appreciate slats! Check out this cool (literally) Red Cedar doghouse. An inspired use and the best looking doghouse we've ever seen. Keepin' it classy, Lassie.

slatted dog house                Via colorado homes magazine- cedar dog house

  • We love the shady, shadowy, airy privacy these slats give this outdoor entertaining hotspot.

slatted outdoorsVia curbly- wood slat screened porch


  • These slats might be PVC or plastic, but just wow! If woodgrain isn't your thing, this is a really great option to achieve the same look.

slatted pergola                        Via HGTV - slat wood pergola


With visions of slats rolling through our imaginations, naturally a DIY project wasn't far behind. And since we just love to add a twist to every trend we feature, we wondered if we could break the spacing rule and instead create a really solid, minimalist piece that still delivered the same look and feel we love about slats. From this question came our indoor/weather-protected slat wood bench. We love it!

plywood bench

                        Via remodelholic- stacked plywood bench

Wanna see how we made it and maybe make one too? Hang tight then, because in two weeks we'll show how we came up with this design, as well as make available the step-by-step how-to instructions you count on. Video and downloadable PDF incoming!  See you then.

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