11 Ways You Never Thought to Grow an Herb Garden

Posted 05/10/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

It's the season for planting, but if you don't plant the seasonings, you'll miss one of springtime's greatest opportunities! Maybe it's typically all about the flowers or the veggies for you, but these must-haves are in a category all their own. We're talking about culinary herbs. And right now is prime time to sow the seeds for your best summer of grilling and drinking ever! Don't let Dad's Father's Day BBQ come and go without seasoning the burgers and enlivening the beverages with your own, home-grown herbs and spices. 

And the best part is that whatever your go-to epicurean profile may be, there's an easy, DIY seasoning blend for that.
So which combination spices your steak?

To make Italian sing, plant:
Sweet Basil

For adding Asian appeal, plant:
Perilla or shiso
Vietnamese coriander
Vietnamese cilantro
Thai or Lemon Basil

For the best Tex-Mex, plant:
Epazote, also known as goosefoot
Mexican tarragon, also sometimes known as Mexican mint marigold
Mini jalapeno pepper plant 

For fresh, French flare, plant:
English thyme
French tarragon

For grilling greatness, plant :
Sweet Basil

For epic cocktail creations, plant:
Sweet Basil
Mini jalapeño pepper plants

Now that you know what to plant, let's talk about the how and where.


indoor herbs    Via pinterest- herb garden in kitchen 

1.  In its simplest form, an indoor herb garden can be made from nothing more than clay pots and soil – the original representation of the trend. And although you've probably seen this before, it's important to know your roots ;)

Via nifty granny - diy vertical herb garden

2.  Woah, similar components, yet a completely different execution. (Bonus points for the wine cork labels!) Cheers to whoever first came up with this fantastic herb garden!

indoor herbs Via balcony garden web - old shoes herb garden

3.  What?! Shoes?! In all fairness though ... why not? It's upcycling, right?

indoor herbsVia pastel and macarons -coffee mug herb garden

4.  Coffeehouse vibes anyone? Use pegboard with hooks, add some Italian herbs, and you've got yourself a fresh and welcome addition to every omelette!

indoor herbs    Via coco and mingo - herb planters

5.  Another classic example of an herb garden! Clay pots are inexpensive and in-season. Find stacks of them at your local hardware store. DIY-ed for pennies on the dollar, with these herbs, we're making a toast to the thought of fresh, cool summer cocktails!

indoor herbs  Via diy home tutorials - blanket ladder herb garden

6.  Two trends in one! Blanket ladders are in. And while most folks use them for their intended purpose, bravo to the creative person who planted this classy herb garden.

indoor herbs Via the family handyman - wooden frame herb garden

7.  These planters hung inside a wooden frame practically scream modern Scandi – and create a look we love!

indoor herbs                   Via - susie frazer

8.  Looking to plant an herb garden with a slightly edgy, industrial look? Check out these threaded rods that stray far from the traditional macramé or jute.

indoor herbs     Via balcony garden - hanging garden

9.  Boho vibes, in-coming! If you remember from our Bohemian trends post, cordage is what ties this herb garden's Boho look together. All it takes is a pattern of cleverly placed knots, and you've got a sunny hanging planter for your bo-home.

indoor herbs     Via fresh mommy blog - diy hanging herb garden 

10.  A handy advantage to building an herb garden with threaded rods is that it becomes adjustable! If one plant grows into a true overachiever, just increase the distance between the shelves! Super cool!

indoor herbs          Via diy & crafts - diy wall planter

11.  Want to plant an herb garden as quickly and inexpensively as possible, yet still create something as cute as a button? This design uses easy-to-find and super-affordable materials. All you need are Mason jars, pipe clamps and a few pieces of wood. It screws together in minutes, and you've got a #trendiy herb garden for next to nothing!


We were so taken with both the charm and affordability of this under-$30 project, we decided to use reclaimed pallet boards and got growing! See our results just two weeks from now so you'll be ready to celebrate the seasonings by Father's Day! #trendiy 

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We'll be going green in two weeks! See you there.