Reclaimed Pallet Board How-To Project: Mason Jar Seasonings Garden

Posted 05/22/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

Two weeks ago we looked at 11 clever ways people have grown fresh herbs at home. From tennis shoes to coffee mugs, these creative (and hungry) DIYers take delicious seasonings from clay pots to dinner plates and from jars to drinks. Inspired, we planted our own culinary garden using canning supplies and reclaimed pallet boards – for under $25!

Our favorite part of this project is getting to choose the herbs we like best, based on our personal culinary tastes. Love Latin? Grow cilantro, mint for mojitos, and oregano. Fan of Italian? Try rosemary, parsley and basil. But beyond your ability to pick your own plants, this project is fully customizable in just about every way.



mason jar herb garden

mason jar herb garden


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mason jar herb planter

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