Rest easy with a trendy new DIY headboard

Posted 11/05/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

Fall breezed by, it's actually snowing where we are, and we're suddenly feeling the desire to cozy in – which most likely (alright, for sure) means indulging in the fine art of napping. With that motivation as inspiration, we're exploring the best DIY headboard projects, simply as yet another way to perfect our enjoyment of a good nap on the long, lazy, blustery winter afternoons ahead.

                                                        Via inspiraspaces - rustic headboard

  • This is a headboard in its most classic format: A panel of one kind or another supported by two legs. However, the choice of corrugated metal as an edgy infill certainly adds a big hit of farmhouse chic.

                                                     Via homemadebycarmona - tufted headboard

  • Tufted headboards look very traditional, but for a completely logical reason: We all love them so much, they've never gone out of style. But what might surprise you is how easy they are to DIY. Simply attach a large, thick piece of foam to a simple wooden frame, cover it with your fabric of choice, and secure it. Then double up extra-strong thread, stick it through from the back to the front, add your button, then back through to the back where you tie it off nice and tight. Just be sure to plan out your button placement ahead of time and you'll be good to go!

                                                         Via vintage revival  - slatted headboard

  • Slats and charred wood are both trends we've talked about in the past, and here they are together, looking great! Plus, this project requires very little wood and can be attached directly to the bed frame, so it's also a perfectly inexpensive DIY!

                                                         Via crafty lumberjacks - diy wood slat headboard

  • This headboard features wider, more closely spaced, entirely horizontal wooden slats, but it's the same concept as above with the same great results.

                                     Via the the nordroom - pillowed headboards

  • Now here's one we haven't seen before! And to be honest, if we knew more about sewing, we'd be all over this. Because We. Love. It! Coffee in bed has never looked better!

                                 Via family handyman - modern headboard

  • Simple, clean and modern, this is more representative of our typical style, and the built-in shelves add great functionality. Note, however, that this headboard attaches directly to the wall, so careful mounting using the appropriate anchors for your wall material is a must.

                                                                 Via etsy- reclaimed wood headboard

  • We're big fans of reclaimed pallet boards, and though this headboard isn't made from them, we can picture how great it would look if it were. The framed inlay features a classic geometric pattern, and the unfinished wood – offset by the painted wood – allows the woodgrain to steal the show.

                                                Via domino - diy blanket head

  • What we love most about this headboard is the way its bright, cheerful colors are contrasted against a dark shiplap – an effect that could be achieved using a variety of easy materials in any number of creative ways.

                                     Via burkatron - ikea hack cane headboard

  • We're all familiar with the now-ubiquitous IKEA hacks – the process of turning basic IKEA products into custom pieces? Here, cane webbing was used as the headboard infill where it works to give off some seriously cool boho vibes. 

                        Via mr.kate - diy minimalist plywood shelf headboard

  • Ahhhh, plywood.... Let us count the ways we love you! And you barely even need tools to be oh-so #trendiy with this headboard. In fact, it's nothing but a 4x8 sheet of BCX plywood pretty much just leaning up against the wall. (We'd recommend securing it with at least a few removable, adhesive mounting strips though.) Screw in a few shelves and there you go. Could having a great-looking headboard get any easier than this?!

headboard ideas                                       Via missjesswanderer - wodo slat headboard

  • Slats, slats and more slats! This time the slats actually have a function, however: To hold shelves. Boho vibes here too!

headboard ideas                                            Via hunker - diy modern headboard

  • In an effort to scratch our DIY headboard itch, we're opting for something similar to this headboard, made from affordable project panels, taped and painted to create a bold geometric design. We expect this project to take a little longer than previous ones, but we think the juice is worth the squeeze on this.

See you in two weeks when we deliver these step-by-step project plans for your downloading pleasure!

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