Tick, Tock, Trendy Clocks

Posted 10/02/2019 by The Dimensions™ DIY Team

As tempting as it is to go for the easy Halloween blog in October, we thought, heck, those skeletons will just get shoved right back in the closet in a couple weeks! How about upping your "fall back" game with a trendy, fun, handcrafted clock instead? Just in time to say bye-bye to Daylight Saving Time.

It's common for people to go out and buy a big ol' statement clock for their living room, but it's a too-little-known fact that plenty of craft stores sell clock kits for under $15. How are people using these kits? In ways you've never imagined! And we think you'll love them!

diy clock                                   Via littleredwindow- diy record clock

  • Cool retro clock! You can often find great old vinyl at garage sales and antique stores for a few bucks. And conveniently, a clock kit fits perfectly through its center! This tool-free DIY literally takes 15 minutes, but it'll make you so happy, you're gonna rock around the clock tonight. Maybe even til the broad daylight....

diy clock                                                                              Via fallfordiy - embroidered basket clock

  • Take one of Grandma's wicker paper plate holders and dial it up! Thread black yarn though the weave to create dashes around the face to mark the hours, then enjoy this trendy way to up-cycle old picnic supplies. Grandma will be so proud!

diy clock                                Via the lovely drawer-homemade wine decor 

  • If the clean, Scandi look is more your style, add a clock kit to a natural wood round and hang from a simple leather strap. The only tool needed is a leather punch, which, heads up, is usually one of the items on a multi-tool/Swiss Army-type knife. So what are you waiting for? Time's a wastin'!

                                     Via say yes - diy mountain clock

  • We know, mountains again (check out our mountain wood art post if we just lost you there), but we just love this inspiring silhouette. Create the perfect time piece for cottages, cabins, RVs or anywhere you go to escape. Whether it's for a literal mountain retreat or a metaphorical one, this project is a breeze.

diy clock                                                                           Via pinterest - diy mason jar lid pumpkins

  • We're willing to bet that if you don't already have an old cake pan cluttering up a lower cupboard, you can find one at your local dollar store or your neighbor's yard sale. And if that's the case, then baking's probably not your bag. So take this inventive individual's idea, and instead of a cake, make a clock! You'll notice they used plexiglass to hold everything in, and while they turned theirs a succulent planter, you can creatively display anything you want!

                                                                   Via that's what che said - diy chrysanthemum clock

  • At first glance, this clock looks complicated – until you realize it's made from plastic spoons. Yup, paint, spoons and hot glue. Maybe you've never thought to use plastic silverware for anything other than moving potato salad from your plate to your mouth, but your world has just become a much happier place now that you know you can turn a box of disposable dinnerware into super-fun décor.

diy clock                                                                          Via brit+co - wooden diy wall clocks

  • This reminds us of our geometric wall art project and proves once again that color-blocks against a natural wood backdrop are always a great idea! Very clean and so easy to create. In fact, taping lines and adding paint is one of the simplest ways to transform almost any ordinary object into a show-stopping statement piece. Or a time piece.

diy clock                                           Via remodelaholic - diy concrete clock

  • Believe it or not, this clock was created using a mortar repair kit and a wooden round. If you're ever looking to incorporate the contemporary look of cement into your DIY projects, a mortar repair kit is a simple, inexpensive, easy way to achieve spectacular results without dealing with a 50 lb. bag of concrete. Not to mention, your projects won't weigh much, so they can still be mounted on a wall without bringing down your plaster or drywall or crashing through your floor.

diy clock                       Via nalle's house - diy mid-century modern ball clock

  • This simple #trendiy project takes nothing but a clock kit and a craft panel. No cutting or sawing – just drill through the center and attach your hands. Done deal. Affordable, fast, fun, easy. Just the way we like it. But if it's not the way you like it, customize!

diy clock                                     Via wooden look - diy minimalist clock

  • Another leather + wood clock concept, this time doubled with clean pastel color bocks. $51+ shipping could buy you this mass produced clock. Or, now you know how easy it is to pull off this same look for half the price, and make it truly one of a kind! (Pro tip: Hunt down a couple of old leather belts or purse straps at Goodwill to create the cute hanger.) 

diy clock                               Via almost makes perfect - diy color block clock

  • This clock? Color blocks, check. Straight lines, check. Natural wood, check. In other words, it's settled: We're building it! Ok, well, something similar. But we're aiming to do it for under $40! So come check it out just two weeks from today (tick, tick, tick, tick...), because we won't be able to wait to show you!

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Until then, happy DIYing!