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Project Panel How-To Project: DIY Frame

We recently looked at all the different ways people are displaying their favorite art, illustrations and photography, so this month we wanted show just how easy it is to make your very own DIY framed wall art.

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Break free of your wall décor rut with DIYable, interchangeable-art frames

Ever wish there were a trendier, classier way to display your kids' artwork – or something you created yourself – rather than sticking it to the fridge with alphabet magnets? What if it were also DIYable and easily interchangeable, allowing you to swap pieces in and out so your look never went stale? There is! Check out these cool ways our fellow DIYers have found to display their favorite art du jour (even if it's sometimes made with macaroni...).

iron wine rack

Project Panel How-to Project: Industrial Wine Rack

For this year's final DIY, we wanted a project that celebrated the last 365 and welcomed the next! And what better way to celebrate than with libations? But how to stylishly offer those in honor of the outgoing year – and store and display them in the incoming year – are matters of great importance. Hence, we bring you an industrial-inspired, pipe fittings wine rack!

new years ideas

DIY Your New Year

When it comes to ringing in the new year with panache, party themes that celebrate the latest trends are always winners. So what's new? And how can you DIY a successful welcome to the next 365 days? Let's look!

diy modern headboard

Project Panel How-to Project: Plywood Headboard

This month we took a look into the bedroom space and saw just how fun and easy it can be to build your own headboard. There are so many different styles, from tufted Victorian to Scandi, we channeled that inspiration and built our own! Using three 2' x 4' DimensionsTM project panels (bonus: they fit in the car!), we painted on a modern geometrical pattern and completed the whole project for around $70! 

plywood headboard

Rest easy with a trendy new DIY headboard

Fall breezed by, it's actually snowing where we are, and we're suddenly feeling the desire to cozy in – which most likely (alright, for sure) means indulging in the fine art of napping. With that motivation as inspiration, we're exploring the best DIY headboard projects out there today...

DIY Modern Clock

Project Panel How-to Project: Zen Clock

We recently spent time talking about how easy and fun it can be to follow the latest DIY clock trends. Clock kits are readily available at most hardware and craft stores, but as always, when we took a look at how clever DIYers are using them, we were delighted and intrigued by the sheer variety. From picnic supplies to concrete, turns out almost anything can be turned into a clock at a very affordable price, with very little time and very simple tools.

diy basket clock

Tick, Tock, Trendy Clocks

As tempting as it is to go for the easy Halloween blog in October, we thought, heck, those skeletons will just get shoved back in the closet in a couple weeks! How about upping your "fall back" game with a trendy, fun, handcrafted clock instead? Just in time to say bye-bye to Daylight Saving Time.

Fall decor sign

Craft Panel How-to Project: Adorable Fall Décor Sign

Two weeks ago we felt the first chill of autumn blow through our windows, inspiring us to look at ways people are preparing to welcome it. We saw all kinds of décor, from mums to Mason jars, so we wanted to make a budget-friendly project (under $25) that would celebrate fall too.

Fall decor ideas

Ready to cool your jets? We've got 10 #trendiy, fresh, fall décor ideas for that!

Sorry to mention it, but summer is fading. The days are getting shorter and the nights are growing cooler. But this time of year also never fails to inspire and invigorate our creativity. So while fall may mean flannels and football, for us DIYers, it's about the excitement of new seasonal décor too!

Dartboard Case

Charred Project Boards How-to Project: Dartboard Cabinet

A few weeks back, we introduced you to the world of #trendiy outdoor games. We looked at some old favorites, like horseshoes and Cornhole, and met some new friends with Sauce Toss and Crokinole. So even though summer is winding down, we're not ready to let the fun end! Instead, we'll show you how we built this dartboard cabinet in no time for only around $80!

saucer king

Summer = Family, friends and outdoor games!

Summertime is still going strong, which means there's still plenty of time left to enjoy outdoor gatherings with family and friends. And that means it's still the perfect time for yard games – most you can even build yourself!

diy moss wall art

Craft Panel How-To Project: Living Wall Moss Art

Two weeks back we looked at new ways live foliage is being incorporated into homes. DIYers are applying succulents, moss and more to walls, ceilings and floors, making us (we just have to say it...) green with envy and itching to make our own! We'll show you how we created our moss wall art with nothing but a 4-pack of plywood craft panels, moss and hot glue.

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Living Walls have Moss Appeal

From fresh flowers to humble house plants, folks have been bringing live greenery into their homes forever. So while the plant du jour (we're looking at you, Fiddle-Leaf Fig...) trends this way and that, the desire to let beautiful and interesting foliage breathe fresh air into our living spaces endures.

rustic american flag

Rustic Project Boards How-to Project: Americana-style Flag

The 4th of July is right around the corner, which means fireworks, bomb pops and vintage Americana décor. But ever since we looked at how creative DIYers have displayed their own patriotism during flag season, we couldn't wait to crash their tea party and hop on the red, white and blue bandwagon.

clothespin america wreath

It's Vintage Americana's Moment in the Sun

Every year from Memorial Day to Labor Day, vintage Americana gets its big chance to shine. While there's a place for plastic, throw-away 4th of July trinkets, when it comes to more classic seasonal décor, this time of year makes us nostalgic for the timeworn appeal and easy styling of the original Red, White and Blue. And because imperfection is the name of the game with Americana, DIYing this look is a piece of cake! Let's get inspired!

mason jar herb garden

Reclaimed Pallet Board How-To Project: Mason Jar Seasonings Garden

How do creative (and hungry) DIYers take delicious seasonings from clay pots to dinner plates and from jars to drinks? Inspired, we planted our own culinary garden using canning supplies and reclaimed pallet boards – for under $25. Here's how!

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11 Ways You Never Thought to Grow an Herb Garden

It's the season for planting, but if you don't plant the seasonings, you'll miss one of springtime's greatest opportunities! Maybe it's typically all about the flowers or the veggies for you, but these must-haves are in a category all their own. We're talking about culinary herbs. And right now is prime time to sow the seeds for your best summer of grilling and drinking ever! Don't let Dad's Father's Day BBQ come and go without seasoning the burgers and enlivening the beverages with your own, home-grown herbs and spices. 

living coral

Pantone's Color of the Year How-To Project: Living Coral Geometric Wall Art

Two weeks ago we looked at ways people are loving on Pantone's Color of the Year, Living Coral. This week, let's invite Living Coral into our own living spaces with an amazing, fun, custom piece of DIY wall art.

Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

Pantone's Color of the Year: Living Coral

Ever wonder why it seems like every spring just about every product is suddenly available in an entirely new color you've never seen before? Pantone is the likely culprit. For nearly 20 years, Pantone has forecast the color trend of the year. This year's top color? Living Coral. And it. Is. Everywhere. Like it? Hate it? Let's check it out!

slat wood bench

Slatted Wood How-To Project: Such a Cute Bench!

This month, we looked at the slat wood design trend and its many stylistic uses both inside and outside the home. It's a look that can be achieved in nearly every space, and just about anything you can dream up can be brought together with wooden slats. So why not furniture? And as an added bonus, this DIY is entirely fastener-free. Not a screw is sight. 

wood slat doghouse

Slatted Wood Décor

What classic design element can deliver clean, modern lines, a retro or contemporary feel, a fascinating play of light and shadow, air flow and water drainage, and the potential for organizational applications, all while creating visual focal points with the ability to land comfortably on the décor spectrum anywhere from laid-back to stunning? Slats.

boho shelf

Reclaimed Pallet Board How-To Project: A Sunny Boho Hanging Shelf

Last time we hung out together, we talked all about the how-tos of the bo-home. We looked at its essential elements, like natural materials, rattan and sisal combined with warm metallics and jewel-toned colors, shabby chic pieces, fringe and tassels, and we were inspired to build this simple happy little boho hanging shelf out of reclaimed pallet boards.


The Bo-home

If you've spent any time looking for décor inspiration lately, there's a good chance you've felt the boho vibe creeping into today's freshest designs. What makes a look bohemian, and why should you care? Let's find out.

underlayment wood art

Lauan Underlayment How-To Project: Wood Art

In our last trend blog, we looked at gorgeous wooden décor. We saw geometric patterns, nature-inspired animals, lots of the Southwestern vibe, raw cut logs, even some retro 8-bit pixel art. And there are so many ways to express your particular style – whatever that is – using even the least expensive wooden panels.

Wood Art Trend

Wooden Home Décor is Always On-trend

From floors to furniture and wall accents to centerpieces, when wooden décor weaves its way effortlessly through a home, we just can't get enough. Wood adds natural warmth to our spaces with an infinite variety of hues and grain patterns that can be mixed and matched with reckless abandon.

Dimensions DIY Pipes-and-Fittings Bar Cart

Pipes and Fittings How-To Project: Bar Cart

If you love the look of furniture made from classic pipes and fittings, get ready to DIY this fantastic little bar cart for far less than the pieces found in popular stores. For step-by-step how-to instructions...


Industrial Pipes-and-Fittings Décor

From urban contemporary interiors to reclaimed retro, industrial-inspired décor is popping up all over, adding warmth and nostalgia wherever it goes. And as the Victorians would say, we’re tickled pink!

Project panel coffee table

Project Panel How-To Project: Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

In our last trend blog we talked about the unorthodox ways plywood is being used to build fabulous furniture. We showed you everything from kitchen tables to couches, benches to cabinets, and we still can't stop admiring its modern simplicity.


DIY Project Panel Furniture Trends

When we think and search for trends, we often find materials cleverly taken out of context and applied in fresh and creative ways. Things like pallet boards used for accent walls instead of shipping and receiving. Lattice used for storage solutions instead of outdoor living. In each of these examples, something is used in an unorthodox way and becomes the next big thing.

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