Dimensions is here to share the home décor trends we love, inspire you with a fresh DIY attitude, and show you — yes, you! — how to turn your indoor and outdoor living spaces into your favorite places.

Who are We? 
We’re Team DIY. Design devotees addicted to trend-watching, clever life hacks and figuring out how to accent our homes (and yours) with the latest looks. But we also want functionality. And, we want it all in the least expensive, most fun, most doable DIY ways.

What Can You Expect?
Ideas that make updating and organizing your home fun, accessible and affordable. Visit our blog twice a month to first check out a new on-trend look, then return for a detailed DIY project for a corresponding décor accent or easy life hack. Expect our how-tos to include clear instructions and plenty of photos showing our own DIY process (and foibles…).

Each month we promise to bring:

  • What’s new
  • What works
  • What’s next

And each month we promise you'll take away:

  • Yep, I can do this project idea
  • The satisfaction of discovery and the pride of DIYing
  • The thrill of sharing your new adventure (So you can go ahead and just toss all those stories right into your humble brag when the compliments start rolling in….)

What shouldn't you expect?
That we'll ever ask you to make a large investment or an over-the-top commitment to a trendy look.

What can’t we promise?
What we'll surprise you with next....

So if your favorite flavor of home design is I DIYed That, then you’ve landed in the right place, and we’re happy you’re here.

In fact, we predict you’ll feel so at-home, you'll want to check in often to find the inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

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